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Public deliverables by the EUNISON Project.

Del. no.Deliverable nameTypeDelivery Month
D2.1State of the art of MV/LV network managementRM6
D2.2Requirements, Application scenarios and use cases and Domain analysisRM6
D2.3Global System Architecture (UML models)RM6
D1.1Quality Assurance, Management and Communication PlanRM6
D3.1Report and specification on cognitive techniques applied to INTEGRISRM20
D3.2Analysis & Specification of performance & configuration subsystems. Simulation in SmartGrid use-caseRM20
D3.3Security specification & vulnerability analysis of INTEGRIS systemRM20
D3.4Report on the applicability & use of Distributed Systems techniques in SmartGridsRM20
D3.5Definition of validation testsRM20
D4.1State of the art of mesh networks & admission control processes. Specification of QoS mechanisms.RM12
D4.2Specification and Implementation of Software Components & InterfacesOM18
D4.3Integration & Testing & Assessment & OptimizationRM20
D5.1Functional specification of INTEGRIS integrated devicesRM16
D5.2Implementation of INTEGRIS integrated devicesPM22
D6.1MV system demonstratorDM28
D6.2LV system demonstratorDM28
D6.3Final Report of MV & LV demonstratorsRM30
D7.1First Dissemination and Standardization Activities ReportRM9
D7.2Public Webpage with periodical updates and maintenanceOM6
D7.3Showroom, with periodical updates and maintenanceOM22
D7.4Second Dissemination and Standardization Activities ReportRM24
D7.5Final Dissemination and Standardization Activities ReportRM30
D7.6Final Public ReportRM30
D7.7Exploitation PlanRM30