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INTEGRIS Kick Off meeting01/03/2010    

The official kick-off meeting of the European INTEGRIS project (“INTElligent GRId Sensor communications”) took place in the headquarters of Endesa in Madrid last 2nd of February. Representatives of all the members of the project attended to the meeting, participating actively on the definition of the project on-going methodology, assigning responsibilities and detailing the work plan.


Endesa coordinates an interdisciplinary consortium formed of seven important companies from both the electrical and telecommunications sectors and two universities, combining the theoretical knowledge and the experience in both areas. Apart from Endesa, the consortium consists of: Indra, Diseño de Sistemas en Silicio, Fundació Universitat i Tecnologia (FUNITEC/La Salle), Schneider Electric, Current Technologies International, ILight, A2A Reti Elettriche and Tampere University of Technology.


INTEGRIS has to be developed in 30 months and its main objective is to design and develop a robust, flexible and low cost communications infrastructure, able to cope with the complexity and dynamicity of Smart Grids. INTEGRIS will encompass applications such as monitoring, operation, customer integration, voltage control, quality of service control, integration of distributed energy systems and control of assets. The results of INTEGRIS project have to impact directly on the energetic efficiency and to enhance the global quality of the electric service.


INTEGRIS Project is partially funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme, Call: FP7-ICT-Energy-2009-1, Challenge 6: Information and Communication Technologies for Mobility, Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, Area 6.5: ICT for Energy Efficiency/ Novel ICT Solutions for Smart Electricity Distribution Networks.