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DEMONSTRATOR 1 - MV System demonstrator -MV line of the smart electricity network of the future

The MV system demonstrator will include some MV/LC Transformer Centers, with PLC communications, and part of them will be monitored by INTEGRIS devices integrating PLC with Wireless sensor networks. In some of them, Distributed Energy Resources will be included.

The MV demonstrator will be located in the MV/LV substation. The device deployed there will include MV side monitoring thanks to Wireless communication, data concentration/processing of MV data (power monitoring, assets management, and communication based on powerline communications. LV data will take benefits of this communication path provided by INTEGRIS. Information coming from the LV equipments inside the MV/LV substation, and/or LV information coming from the electrical infrastructure (as AMI) that will use the INTEGRIS communication framework.

DEMONSTRATOR 2 - LV System demonstrators - LV network automation tests

The LV system demonstrators will test and validate the application of the developed ICT infrastructure over LV networks.

They will be system demonstrators in a real life deployment of a comprehensive set of grid variables being monitored (use of smart meters as real-time sensors to detect potential outages in transformer station; other sensors (voltage, temperature, humidity, current, etc) all integrated at virtual machine level and made available to the management system and to SCADA real time through a virtualization engine and integration bus.